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I have been working as a freelance web designer for 18 years & an expert in designing unique WordPress websites that make a great first impression. Check out the site and drop me a line if you want a quote!


Several years ago when the recession started; like many people, my long time career was down-sized and I was left out in the cold. Until then I had designed a few websites for friends as a hobby and they were well received including a special mention from Howling Dog Themes. I then began designing websites professionally, first using plain HTML, and then graduating to using the WordPress CMS. I have since designed and developed hundreds of websites for satisfied clients.





Here are some of the more popular services that are requested. If you have a special request, please let me know and we can talk about it.

Your Website

I will create a completely custom website to showcase your services.
The website will be fully responsive to resize according to the device its being viewed on. Each page will be optimized for search engines using organic SEO and keywords that have a low competition for your niche.

Once the website is launched, I will test the live website to work on a variety of devices and browsers,
Setup site stats, so you can check the traffic to your website, and create a video tutorial so that you will know exactly how to use the WordPress dashboard to edit and update your website.

Web Design

Custom Blog WebsiteMake a lasting impression

Similar to the Custom Business Website, the Custom Blog website includes a unique design that creates a pleasant experience for your fan base. Included are a custom post date design and an easy to navigate category listings.

This package includes the following design characteristics:

  • Favicon
  • Custom header
  • Contact form
  • Organic SEO
  • Custom Social media Icons
  • An integrated Blog
  • Custom date post design
  • Content sharing buttons
  • Site Stats
  • A widgetized footer


Custom Business WebsiteShowcase your services

My custom business website package is like a Swiss army knife , because of its ability to be everything to everybody. Because its built for WordPress, you can include any of numerous plugins that will help customize your site. Its also a great starting place for your brand, where your clients will associate your business name with the ease of use, functionality, and reflective website design. To get you started, this package includes the following design characteristics:

  • Favicon
  • Custom header
  • Contact form
  • Organic SEO
  • Custom Social media Icons
  • An integrated Blog
  • Five formatted pages (You can easily add more)
  • Content Sharing buttons
  • Site Stats
  • A widgetized footer

The custom business website package is the perfect choice to act as your point of contact for giving information to your clients.


Online Store AddonShowcase your services

I can add and configure a shopping cart to your blog or business website. I will add up to 15 products and set it up so that it’s tied to your PayPal account.


Design for Printed Media

Logo / Branding DesignBrand creation

Logo creation is a time-honored marketing and advertising talent, that combines all your ideas to make something that represents your brand completely. Colors, shapes, and certain font styles, all have meaning to your prospective customers. And when you start a business, its a really good idea to have a great logo to build upon.


Print DesignCustom printed media

In addition to your website, some of my clients have also wanted business cards, letterheads, flyers, or marketing materials in a printed medium. I create these at a high resolution so they can be used for any of the DIY online print services.

Contact me for estimate

Other Services

Website MaintenanceUpdating your website

Though WordPress makes updating your site a breeze, you may not have the time or inclination. In such instances, I am happy to make things easier for you.


WordPress MigrationsBacking up your website and move to a new host

Moving your WordPress to another host can be tedious and complicated. I can take care of this for you making it hassle free.

Starting at $300

Targeted Email CampaignSell products and services to your to client list

If you have emails collected from your customer base, I can compile them and send an email campaign directing customers to purchase your products and services. This is a great option to inform your them of specials and deals.



I am a WordPress Expert. I have been working with WordPress since its inception and creating unique custom websites using the Genesis framework. Genesis is known for its clean code and organic Search Engine optimization.

Initially WordPress began as a blogging platform, but it soon gained popularity with traditional website designers because of it's flexibility. Once your website is created, it is very easy to update. You just login to the WordPress dashboard. From there you can create or update a page and its as simple as using Google Docs. Any changes you make take effect immediately and without affecting the overall design of the website.

Once your WordPress website is up and running, its fairly simple to maintain. However doing anything besides updating the site can lead to problems if you are not careful. People frequently reach out to me for help with their existing installation for a number of reasons. Below are some of the most common problems I see:

  • Database error after installing a new plugin.
  • Problems upgrading WordPress.
  • Website has been hacked.
  • Links are not working.
  • Website is not responsive to resize for smaller devices.
  • Menu missing or not functional.
  • Problems upgrading plugins or theme.

With each website I design, I also create a custom video tutorial to help you understand how to update your site and I walk you through the entire WordPress dashboard. Because though the interface is very user-friendly, there are places in the dashboard that its best to stay away from; as some changes can crash your site.

I work exclusively with WordPress and all the websites I create are made using this Content management system. As I mentioned at the start, I am a WordPress Expert and can help you with any of the above WordPress problems and others I haven't listed. Contact me with the form at the bottom of the page and I can help.




I have several types of base websites to choose from and they act as a starting point to the design of your website. If you are looking for something special, maybe something that’s not listed; let me know and we can brainstorm something unique for your brand. After I get an idea for what you want with your completed website and once I settle on some basics, I will email you a website proposal, a website questionnaire, and a service agreement so I can get things started. From start to finish, a typical website will take between 2-6 weeks before the site is live on your servers.


Along with the previous emails I have sent you, you will also receive a Paypal request for the initial payment. The initial payment will typically be one half of the total website quote, and is due before work can begin. If your initial payment less than $500, your initial payment will be $500 and the final payment will be the remaining amount. Though this is the preferred method of payment, I also accept checks and cash. But please note that if you send me your payment via snail mail, this may delay the website project until funds are received.


Before I begin coding the website, I will create a graphic representation (website mockup) of your website for your approval. Using the information from our email/phone correspondence, the visual mockup will be designed with WordPress structures in mind, so that the design will transfer to with little to no changes to the coded version. Once you are satisfied, I can then begin splicing and coding this design into your site. Please note that after the coding of the website has begun, and changes to the design will be billed at my hourly rate.


From here I will begin coding your website onto my test servers. Please note that any text content that you want used within the site, including menu items and images will be needed to complete this step. I can provide this content for you, but its better if your content is written from someone who is an expert on the subject, you! If however you want me to write your content, I can do so at my hourly rate. The test site is located on the SLCWEBDEV servers and will appear exactly like it will on your servers when the site is live.


Any changes that you want made to the website should be done now. From how a menu is ordered to how a page is formatted, these little changes can be made to your specifications.


When I receive your email approval, I will send the final bill via PayPal. Then I will begin transferring your website to your hosting service.


To transfer the website to your hosting service, I will need the Hosting site web address, along with Login and Passwords. If you already have WordPress installed, I will need that login information. Since every web host is different, and though this process of transferring your site usually takes 24-48 hours to complete; it may take longer depending on how your web host and domain name is configured. But I will schedule a late night to make the transfer, so that if you have an existing site with an existing customer base, there will be little if any disruption in service.


After your website is live, you may have questions regarding the use of your website. WordPress is fairly easy to navigate, but like with anything new, takes a little getting used to. I will create a custom video tutorial specifically for your website that should answer any questions you may have. But in case it doesn’t, Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions you may have.


I don't, but each website I design will resize and work on all devices. Developing an app can be very expensive, whereas a responsive website can work in much the same way.

Yes. Using the WooCommerce plugin, I can configure and add products and services to sell on your website. As a way to avoid the high cost of a merchant account, this can be tied to your PayPal account which allows you to receive immediate payment.

With every website I design, I also include a video tutorial specifically tailored to your custom website. I am also available anytime to answer any questions you might have.

It really depends on the complexity of the project, but normally takes between 2 and 6 weeks. After the initial consultation, I will send you a design proposal which will include a time estimate for your site to go live on your hosting service.

No, the estimate listed in your design proposal will cover everything needed to get your website live. I would like to note that your domain and hosting are not included with the design and will need to be purchased separately. Any WordPress hosting will do, and for the most economical package they have will be sufficient for most startups. I suggest GoDaddy or Host Gator.

There are literally thousands of different plugins that will add functionality to your website. The most common I have used are Appointment Booking, Event Calendars, Shopping Carts, Daily Deal, Custom Social network, Search Engine Optimization, and Memberships.

I do offer logo creation services, but if you prefer not to go that route, I will create a tasteful yet simple logo that will act as the placeholder on your site. A lot of my previous clients ended up keeping the placeholder and requested I create a high quality logo from them to use for letterheads and business cards.

It can take as long as a month but Google will automatically spider your website.

Every website I design is built with the Genesis framework which has organic SEO built in its code. In addition to the design of the website, I will research keywords that will rank your website higher in niche markets, that will need to be used in any content created for the website.

I do. If you happen to have a lot of content that needs to be updated frequently, I offer a yearly subscription for $500 and that includes unlimited updates to your website.

I can, but keep in mind that the expert in your business is you.

A blog website is technically one page. And though the design needs are the same, the blog website doesn't have individual pages. The business website includes a blog and additional pages (ie. Home, Services, About, Contact, etc.).

Before I begin designing your website, I will send you a design questionnaire which will give me a good idea of the direction you want to go. In addition to colors, and design elements, I prefer to get an idea of what you like, such as other websites. After I have a clue as to your expectations, I can proceed with little input. After I finish the Visual Mockup your suggestions are definitely welcome.



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