Image Editing for your Website – How to

Images on your Website After your website is up and running there may come a time when you need to edit your images to fit in a specific area or to edit your image to increase the contrast and generally make it look better. There are several free online tools that can make this task a little less […]

Square Up

Credit Cards Accepted Every year the amount each person buying online is increasing more and more. Part of that is because the trust that was built by companies like PayPal and, but I think it’s also because the internet is no longer brand spanking new, and it’s becoming just another tool that we can use that is […]

What does your Website's color theme say about your Brand?

How your clients see you Colors have psychological, spiritual, and cultural meanings; and the interpretation of them gives an impression that is long lasting. Advertisers have been using colors as a way of  leading the viewer since the inception of color media. But what does this mean for you as a business owner? For starters, your […]

PayPal Subscription Website

Monthly Paypal Payments Thru Your Website Last year Paypal added the ability to accept subscription payments, where customer’s credit card is automatically billed monthly; but this was not available for use on your website through a plugin. And then in June of this year, WooCommmerce came out with a new subscription capability to the already excellent WordPress plugin WooCommerce – Excelling Commerce […]