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Last year Paypal added the ability to accept subscription payments, where customer’s credit card is automatically billed monthly; but this was not available for use on your website through a plugin. And then in June of this year, WooCommmerce came out with a new subscription capability to the already excellent WordPress plugin WooCommerce – Excelling Commerce Plugin. This addon makes it so that you can additional features to your existing shopping cart.

Recently we added this monthly subscription feature to the Nadya Massages website. There was already the Woo Commerce shopping cart integrated into the website, so it was simply a matter of customizing the website further to include the subscription feature.

This was done by including a new service. Nadya already had hourly massages and package massages. But by adding a VIP Membership she was able to add the following:

  • One massage per month
  • A Birthday Massage
  • A Gift Massage
  • Considerate Scheduling
  • And a rate lock

All of this for less than her normal massage rates. All by having Paypal bill her client’s credit card automatically. By having the VIP Membership plan, our client assures that she will receive a reoccurring monthly amount, and the client gets more than they could by paying for a regular priced massage. This kind of eCommerce plugin makes it a win/win for both your company and your customer.

What could you do with this kind of reoccurring monthly fee? Use it for a classifieds website, have a website created that offers subscription content for your blog, upload content and either have customers by individual virtual products or offer a subscription plan. This isn’t a new idea, and many websites have been using it for years. But it is the first time it has been brought smaller companies and at a very affordable cost.

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