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Every year the amount each person buying online is increasing more and more. Part of that is because the trust that was built by companies like PayPal and Authorize.net, but I think it’s also because the internet is no longer brand spanking new, and it’s becoming just another tool that we can use that is secure.

In the olden days, to accept credit cards you had to have a merchant account and the equipment to accept the credit cards that was bulky and expensive. Most independent business owners started out with those but gave it up for cash only policies, just so they didnt have to deal with the hassle.

Its just a smart move nowadays to accept credit cards, and it’s very easy to setup a PayPal account. It’s even considered standard operating procedure to set a different price for credit than for cash, to cover the 2-3% cost to that it takes to accept them.

And Bang! The evolution just of accepting credit cards online has just moved to the Square. You can check it out at Squareup.com. After you sign up, they send you a small square card reader that plugs into the earphone jack of your phone. Just download the app and youre in business. Now you don’t have to worry about manually entering the credit card number, expiration, or security code into your phone. It’s very simple and easy. I highly recommend the Square!

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